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We offer the rate cards that suits your budget, we therefore have the following services such as follows

Event Crossover/Satellite Broadcast/ Outside Broadcast/Competitions

Ads / Promo/ Live Read.



Billboards & Live Reads

Sponsored Programme

A 15-minute interview offers a great way to get up close and personal with your audience.

You can sponsor our news bulleting and our presenters can read your ad/promo live on air

7441 FM now provide client with outdoor activities, events, and outside broadcasting, with live feed to our main studios

Interviews in our space

Interviews are charged based on the package suitable for our clientele, yes, we are community radio stations, not all things are done for free, we save the community in that manner that the radio supposed to do. Community radio must remain sound all the time, but however 7441 FM is a community station that need to remain sustained, that is the reason we offer package suitable for your budget, we provide paid interviews and free interviews. Paid interviews are advertising interviews, product and brand activation, or businesses organizations. 7441FM `also includes government and municipal interviews. Paid interviews are 15 minutes long and can be carried out on any desired show by the customer. Refer to our 7441 FM sales team for the pricing. Free interviews are usually featured on shows, i.e., a show that features upcoming artists or small business owners etc., these interviews usually take about 5 minutes. They are part of community development. Our marketing department can provide more information on interviews.

Community Announcements

We are a community radio station and that means we serve the community. 7441 FM meets its requirements to serve the community by always making sure the information that needs to be delivered to the community is delivered on-air in time Community announcements cannot be product or business advertising or any form of marketing for individuals. Our news and programming departments deal with community announcements.

Our Rate Card

7441 FM rate card offers descriptions of the various advertising placement options on our ON AIR programing.  The rate card will give you our advertising pricelist and assist you in working out the right budget for your campaign.

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